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Fire Detectors

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Auto Aligning Beam Detector

Auto Aligning Beam Detector is comprised of a transmitter & receiver in the same head with alignment motor. It is a software based assembly which automatically corrects IR reflective beam to detect smoke. This detector is easy to fit and allows reflective prism to be mounted quickly. It consists of a ground level loop powered controller, single prism, and a detector head. This detector is ideal to be mounted in warehouses, multiplexes, multi-utility stores, and sports centers.

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Intelligent IR2 Flame Detector

Intelligent IR2 Flame Detector is designed to be used for harsh indoor environments to detect occurrence of flaming fires. It is ideal to be utilized in agricultural sector, automotive and MDF chipboard manufacturing industries, power plants, and metal fabrication domain. This is a loop powered device which does not require external power supply. It is highly sensitive to low frequency and flickering infrared radiations emitted during combustion.