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Smoke Detector

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Conventional Optical Smoke Detector

Conventional Optical Smoke Detector finds its application in hotels, restaurants, government institutions, and colleges. It detects smoke in case of fire and activates installed water sprinkler to reduce damage to life and property. This detector is comprised of infrared LED and photo-diode light receptor in the optical chamber. It works on the light scattering principle as during fire situation smoke particles gets into the chamber and refracts the incoming light & scatters on the photo-diode resulting in sending signals to the alarm control panel.

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Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector is a fire indicator which is mounted on the ceiling in inverted position and finds its application for both commercial and domestic sectors. It senses smoke to give signal to IC for producing audible & visual alarm. The body of this detector is fabricated using premium quality polycarbonate material owing to its high heat resistance. It can be availed with ionization & photoelectric working principles.

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Orbis Optical Smoke Detector

Orbis Optical Smoke Detector is comprised of infrared LED, photodiode light receptor, chamber cover, and insect screen. It works on the light scattering principle, as when smoke enters the chamber rays from LED gets scattered that is sensed by receptor. This activity results in raising the alarm with the help of integrated circuit. It is known to have the ability to respond to slow burning and smoldering fires.

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Duct Smoke Detectors

Duct Smoke Detectors are used to reduce the amount of smoke produced in case of fire and to protect air conditioning systems from damage. They can easily be mounted on rectangular or circular ductwork with the help of provided pivoting housing. These detectors work by sampling the air current passing through the duct. They are designed to sense combustion particles in the air and are ideal to be used in restaurants, offices, and hotels.

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Ionization Smoke Detector

Ionization Smoke Detector works when combustion particles become attached to ions resulting in the reduction of current flow in the outer chamber. The increased voltage is then sensed by the electronic circuit to trigger audible alarm and illuminating red colored LED. It is comprised of radioactive foil, reference chamber, sensing electrodes, and sensing chamber. This detector generally uses americium-241 radioisotope to ionize air.

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Optical Smoke Detector

Optical Smoke Detector is comprised of a photoelectric receiver, infrared light, and a lens enclosed in a polycarbonate body. It works by scattering the light to photocell detector due to combustion particles which results in triggering the circuit to raise alarm. This detector is mounted on the ceiling in inverted position where the smoke heads in case of fire. It does not require any external power supply for operation.