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Manual Call Points

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Intelligent Manual Call Point (Red)

Intelligent Manual Call Point (Red) operates on loop of intelligent fire detection devices, where an alarm is raised by pressing the element that can be reset. It is also incorporated with an isolator allowing it to work during short circuit fault on the loop. This MCP is provided with yellow LED to show fault and green LED which glows when it is polled. It has an operating temperature range of -40 to 70 degrees Celsius.

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Xp95 Is Manual Call Point

Xp95 Is Manual Call Point is designed to be used in residential societies, shopping malls, convenience stores, theaters, and industries. It is required to manually raise alarm during fire situations. This call point assembly is provided with an element that can be reset with the help of a specific key. All the components of MCP are enclosed in a fire retardant polycarbonate body. It can easily be used by just pushing the button provided in the front.

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Discovery MCP Marine

Discovery MCP Marine is used in offshore environments to manually raise alarm during emergency situations. It is comprised of a resettable element and polycarbonate made body with removable front cover for easy key insertion. Abbreviated for marine manual call point, this device is known for fast response and is available with or without isolator. It is also provided with a bright red alarm LED which is independently controlled with the help of control panel.

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Manual Call Points

Conventional Is Indoor & Outdoor MCP Red is required to manually raise alarm to grab attention of all the employees in case of fire breakout. It is made having polycarbonate body which is painted red to assure its attentive appearance. This MCP is provided with easily resettable element in place of break glass. It uses a terminal block for plug & play type installation. It is reset with the help of a test key which is inserted into the bottom of the unit till it clicks into the position.