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Fire Safety Equipments

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Intelligent Mounting Base

Intelligent Mounting Base is installed on the ceiling in inverted position by attaching the cover with other assemblies. It is a fire alarm system that can also activate water sprinkling system to reduce the amount of damage. This base is known to allow quick & secure plug in of detector and provides flexibility to mount multiple accessories with easy wire connection. It is a low insertion base having SS made contacts for detector terminals.

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Low Power Relay Base

Isolating Base is used for smoke or fire detectors to detect short circuit faults on spurs & loops. In case of loop voltage failure, it switches from closed to open state to isolate the loop. This base allows up to 20 devices to be installed between it. A yellow LED is also provided which illuminates if short circuit fault is detected either side of the base. This base is designed having only one way detector insertion with low profile design.

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Isolator Module

Isolator is designed having a cap like structure with yellow colored LED at the center. It is fitted to the base to enclose short circuit isolating assemblies that assure reliable working of the system. Provided light in the structure illuminates in case of fault detection and shuts off when it is rectified. It can easily be attached by just placing and rotating it in clockwise direction on the base.

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Series 65A Mounting Base

Series 65 Mounting Base is required to fit fire detector head by enclosing LED, IR, and photocell assemblies. It is known to have easy locking mechanism with lightweight structure. This base is fabricated using polycarbonate material due to its high heat & fire resistance. Detectors in this base can be fitted without the application of force and is also provided with flashing LED & magnetic test switch options.

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Marine Isolator Base

Isolator Base is a non Addressable device which is installed to separate the circuit from single short circuit to assure normal working of the system. It is provided with plug type connector for easy wiring and low standby current. This base is comprised of a yellow LED light which illuminates when a fault is detected. Terminals of this assembly are made of premium quality steel with nickel plating to assure their corrosion proof nature.