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Fire Fighting Sprinkler

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Sidewall Fire Sprinkler

Sidewall Fire Sprinkler is one of the main assemblies mounted on the wall to tackle fire situations. It consists of temperature sensitive liquid in a glass bulb which shatters to release the button & spring seal assembly for spraying water. This sprinkler is made having alloy metal body with zinc plating to provide it rust resistance. It creates a uniform pattern of water while spraying to extinguish fire.

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Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers

Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers are widely used in hotels, restaurants, and commercial buildings to spray water during fire. They are mounted along the wall & just beneath the ceiling having centerline of waterway in horizontal position. These sprinklers produce quarter-spherical discharge pattern of water that is directed downward & outward from the detector. They are greatly admired for their corrosion proof nature and durability. These are comprised of a glass bulb having thermal sensitive liquid, which breaks automatically when there is sudden rise in temperature to activate sprinklers.