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Conventional Fire Detector

Product Image (ORB-HT-11003-APO)

Orbis Br Heat Detector

Orbis Br Heat Detector is specifically designed to be utilized in those industries or areas where there is smoke under normal conditions. It is comprised of a thermistor which responds when a fixed temperature has been reached. This detector is also provided with two separate LEDs of red and yellow color, where latter illuminates to show working condition and former during faulty situations.

Product Image (ORB-MB-00012-APO)

Orbis Lx-Base

Orbis Lx-Base is made of high grade engineered plastic with metallic screw fasteners & contact points to assure its durability and strength. It is utilized to attach conventional fire detector cover that is installed in both commercial & domestic sectors. This base has easy detector locking mechanism by easily fitting & rotating clockwise without applying any force. It is provided with two fixing centers and LED alignment mark.

Product Image (ORB-OH-13003-APO)

Orbis Multi sensor Detector

Orbis Multi sensor Detector is highly appreciated for its ability to quickly respond to fast burning situations. It is ideal to be used in shopping malls, theatres, multinational companies, hospitals, and hotels. This detector senses the smoke and rise in temperature to sound alarm to alert nearby people. It is greatly admired for having reduced false alarms with improved sensitivity to black smoke. Housing of this detector is made of polycarbonate material owing to its light weight and good strength.