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Audio Visual & Sounder Indicators

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Sounder Visual Indicator Base

Discovery Sounder Beacon Base is required to give audible & visual warning in case of fire that is controlled by the control panel. It allows the user to set volume & tone as desired and has safe start option. This indicator is ideal to be utilized in hospitals, schools, colleges, and industries as well. It is highly appreciated for having high volume alarm sound and flexibility of group addressing.

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Multi Tone Open Area Sounder

Multi Tone Open Area Sounder is extensively utilized in warehouses, industries, jails, and corporate offices for raising alarm in fire emergency situations. It mounted to surface with the help of four metallic screws. This sounder is highly appreciated for its ability to withstand different weather conditions. It is known to have high volume with multiple tones setting feature. This assembly responds its own address set with DIL switch.

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Multi-Tone Sounder and Visual Indicator

Multi -Tone Open - Area Alarm Devices are designed having engineered plastic body with a glass covering over bright LED assembly. They are installed in open areas of industrial & commercial sectors to facilitate audible sound to all the employees in case of emergency situations. These devices offer multiple tones setting option that can be easily set according to the choice of customer.

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Integrated Base Sounder

Integrated Base Sounder is ideal for indoor use with smoke or heat detectors. It is comprised of a sounder with integral base and can also be availed with an isolator. This sounder is connected to the positive & negative loop cables to L1 & L2 terminals respectively. It is featured with two volume ranges, tone synchronization, and individual & group addressing. This sounder can also be used alone with a cap as an alarm.